• Re-examining the Terms of Aid

    Turning promises to practice in fragile states.

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  • Sovereignty Strategies

    Read Clare Lockhart’s article 'Sovereignty Strategies: Enhancing Core Governance Functions as a Postconflict & Conflict-Prevention Measure' in the AAAS Special Issue of Daedalus.

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  • Fixing Failed States

    Read the book by Clare Lockhart and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

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  • Development Practice Notes

    New and innovative ideas and best practices in specific areas of state building.

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Who We Are

We believe the opportunity lies in creating approaches to equip leaders and managers with the knowledge, skills and tools to create inclusive policies and accountable institutions.

Today we are focused on developing and systematizing this know-how to support leaders and organizations at the forefront of policy design and implementation. View more.

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