In North and South America, ISE has focused on supporting foundational country-led reforms that put citizens at the center of governance in a region that is host to diverse communities and continually evolving challenges. ISE has researched country-level transformations in Peru, Colombia, and Chile and analyzed options for Haiti’s future. ISE has also analyzed Detroit’s handling of the city’s debt crisis and is supporting Puerto Rico as it tackles its financial reform, rebuilding, and resilience agendas.

Country Stocktaking: Puerto Rico

ISE’s country stocktakings present a thorough view of a country to evaluate opportunities for reform during pivotal periods in its development trajectory. Stocktakings diagnose countries’ open moments and pathways for reform by assessing the performance…

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Insight & Analysis: Transformation & Reform
Regions: Americas
Location: Puerto Rico
Publication Type: Country Stocktaking Summaries
Issue Brief: Re-examining the Terms of Aid

The current terms of foreign assistance mean that it often falls short of the goal of supporting countries on their development paths. The New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States, endorsed in 2011, represents a…

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Op-ed: Post-Maria, Puerto Rico has chance to reimagine its future

This article originally appeared in The Hill on November 2, 2017 By Clare Lockhart and David Thorpe Hurricane Maria left no corner of Puerto Rico untouched, meting out systematic destruction to the island and the lives…

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Haiti: Escaping the Crisis Trap

Four years after a devastating earthquake, the reconstruction of Haiti remains far from completion. Although billions of dollars in aid have flowed into the country, Haitians feel the outcomes have not matched the promises made.…

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Economic Tools Mapping: Crop Insurance

Crop insurance programs aim to redistribute risk and reduce agricultural sector volatility, helping to mitigate the many environmental and market risks that impact farmers’ incomes. This note examines the potential benefits of crop insurance programs…

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State Function: Market Engagement
Insight & Analysis: Market Building
Topic: International Development Finance, Agriculture
Regions: Americas
Location: India, Argentina
Publication Type: Economic Tools