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Lessons from Peacebuilding and Reconstruction Experience

The conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya have caused untold levels of damage, resulted in significant loss of life, decimated the physical assets of the countries, and ripped apart social fabrics. Under the most optimistic scenarios, it will take generations for the countries and societies to rebuild and heal. As the search for opportunities for peace and stability continues, it is worth examining global experience and knowledge to provide potential insights for potential peacebuilding and reconstruction processes for the four countries. This review aims to provide an overview of relevant experiences since World War IIĀ  to provide insights that might have relevance for policymakers attempting recovery processes.

This research was sponsored by the World Bank and German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and submitted as a background paper for the World Bank’s report on reconstruction, development and peacebuilding strategies in the Middle East and North Africa.