Data & Digital

ISE’s Data and Digital program develops tools, methods, and analysis to provide organizations and governments more efficient and accountable ways to deliver to citizens. Utilizing our years of experience working in reform settings, combined with engagement with leading experts in the field, our Data & Digital program promotes the growth of citizen-centered data ecosystems and enables innovative problem-solving. Current projects include a Reform Sequencing Tracker that codifies the sequence of a state’s reform actions and agendas, and an index that measures state effectiveness for more than 160 countries and territories across ISE’s 10 functions of the states.

Latest Analysis


  • Governments asked to do more with less

  • Citizen demand for accountability

  • Private sector competiton


Needs &

  • Increasing Supply of Technology and Data

  • New technological innovations

  • Increasing digital literacy

  • Demographic shift among civil servants


Using innovations in data and digital for a more effective, citizen-centered state


Generate knowledge and provide operational support in the following areas
Fostering data ecosystems within government to improve planning and decision-making
Research & analysis on best practices, engagement with experts in the field
Promoting digital transformations that lead to improved performance and service delivery
Reform sequence tracker, state effectiveness index
Enabling new and innovative perspectives around evaluation and metrics
Tailored data dashboards, performance management tools