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Country Stocktaking Summaries

ISE’s country stocktakings evaluate opportunities for reform during pivotal periods in a country’s development trajectory. Stocktakings diagnose pathways for reform by assessing the performance and capability of various state functions and citizens’ view of the state while mapping the various international partners operating in the country and the alignment of key stakeholders around a potential reform agenda. Countries were selected based on the potential for an open moment for change, such as a reinvigorated reform agenda, new political leadership or a post-crisis recovery. The stocktakings offer a snapshot analysis of an individual context and point to larger dynamics across cases that can be harnessed to spur state transformation. View a selection of country stocktaking summaries below.

 Country Stocktaking: Greece

Country Stocktaking: Malawi

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Country Stocktaking: Sierra Leone

Country Stocktaking: Timor-Leste