Ukraine Resilience, Recovery and Reconstruction Initiative

ISE’s Ukraine Recovery and Reconstruction Initiative supports effective decision-making by Ukrainian leadership and international allies on key issues while also setting the stage to align stakeholders toward a coordinated architecture for international assistance and reconstruction. Harnessing our decades of experience in recovery contexts and grounded in an understanding of Ukraine’s reform pathways, our work harnesses tools and best practices on reconstruction and country transformations that are responsive to citizens, with the aim to re-establish the foundations for Ukraine’s future prosperity. Our analysis incorporates lessons from successful examples of post-conflict transformation, anticipates challenges and formulates policy recommendations for Ukrainian and international stakeholders. To learn more, read our overview of the initiative. 

Our Approach

A Ukrainian-led vision and roadmap for recovery

Policy and technical support to international and Ukrainian stakeholders on principles, best practices and know-how


Tools and input to deliver

For key issues like reform sequencing, accountable financing and reconstruction governance

Effective international partnerships

Advancing a coordinated, asset-centered and principled global response 

Latest Analysis 

Forthcoming research topics include considerations for human capital and institutional arrangements required for recovery, national accountability and public finance and lessons learned from Ukraine’s past reforms. 

For data on recovery and reconstruction, check out ISE’s Reform Sequencing Tracker, which codifies over 30,000 government reform actions in 50 countries during periods of transition.