Supporting Recovery & Reconstrution in Ukraine

Rebuilding an inclusive and accountable state for the Ukrainian people and the region

International experience shows the importance of anticipating the challenges of long-term recovery and the secondary effects of conflict. Given the extent of the devastation in Ukraine, there will be a range of severe challenges facing the country and its people, from physical reconstruction and restoring the economy to the return of refugees, supporting those affected by trauma and injury and repairing the social fabric. ISE’s team of experts has begun work on a Ukraine Response, Recovery and Reconstruction Initiative to inform international decision-making on key challenges while also setting the stage to align key stakeholders for a well-coordinated architecture for international assistance and reconstruction. Informed by our decades of experience working on country transformations and insights from Ukrainian experts and stakeholders, ISE is harnessing the latest thinking, tools and ideas on country recoveries and transformations that are responsive to citizens and can re-establish the foundations for Ukraine’s future prosperity.