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Ukraine’s Dual Challenge in the Midst of War: Reconstruction and EU accession

Rebuilding Damaged Houses In Zaporizhzhia Ukraine © Dmytro Smolienko/Ukrinform/Imago


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Ukraine is faced with a substantial and complex challenge: advancing both reconstruction efforts and the EU accession process, all while defending the country against Russian forces. In this episode, we explore how the processes of rebuilding Ukraine and EU accession are connected. Many aspects of the two processes converge, but what if the two endeavours harbour conflicting objectives, particularly regarding short-term and long-term priorities? And what can we learn from other cases in Europe’s recent history, for example in the Western Balkans? Political economist Julia Langbein delves into these questions with two experts well-versed in this subject matter: Clare Lockhart from the Institute for State Effectiveness and Inna Pidluska from the International Renaissance Foundation.