In North and South America, ISE has focused on supporting foundational country-led reforms that put citizens at the center of governance in a region that is host to diverse communities and continually evolving challenges. ISE has researched country-level transformations in Peru, Colombia, and Chile and analyzed options for Haiti’s future. ISE has also analyzed Detroit’s handling of the city’s debt crisis and is supporting Puerto Rico as it tackles its financial reform, rebuilding, and resilience agendas.

Economic Tools Mapping: Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility

The Caribbean presents a vulnerable combination of several very small states and a propensity to major natural catastrophes such as hurricanes. This combination spurred the creation of the world’s first multi-country risk pool. The Caribbean…

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State Function: Market Engagement, Disaster Resilience
Insight & Analysis: Market Building
Topic: International Development Finance
Regions: Americas
Location: Haiti
Publication Type: Economic Tools
How to Help Haiti Rebuild

Foreign policy magazine invited five experts on nation building, economic development and emergency aid – including ISE’s Clare Lockhart – to share lessons and advice for Haiti, whose multibillion dollar fund set up in the…

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The Development of Frameworks for Effective Policy-Making in Chile

Why is Chile now considered a model of good governance and free-market reform? How has it moved to an open, prosperous and stable democracy and how successful has it been in moving beyond the faction…

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Writing the History of the Future: Securing Stability through Peace Agreements

Peace agreements are a pivotal moment in the transition from long-running conflict to the establishment of a functioning state. Often perceived as offering a clean slate from which to start again, post-conflict conditions often present…

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Haiti: Consolidating Peace, Security and Development

An acknowledged need for a new approach among the Haiti aid complex informs this study of Haiti, and how it can create and consolidate credible institutions. This paper sets out targeted suggestions for achieving this,…

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