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Community Driven Development Series

Policymakers and the international community continue to struggle with how to deliver essential services, particularly in fragile states, in the context of violent conflict, inequality, pervasive corruption, and weak institutions. Community Driven Development (CDD), which places ownership with local communities to deliberate, prioritize, and monitor basic service projects via direct block grants, has been utilized by practitioners as a tool to address these complex issues. Over time, CDD has become a significant practice within the international development community, with the World Bank facilitating 187 CDD projects in 77 countries in 2018. This series draws on the experience of ISE’s analysts and CDD practitioners and will tackle challenges and explore emerging trends on the “next generation” of Community Driven Development.

CDD Series: Introduction
CDD Series: Inter-ministerial Coordination
CDD Series: Elections
CDD Series: The Case for Substantive Facilitation
CDD Series: Transparency and Accountability
CDD Series: Poverty Alleviation
CDD Series: Afghanistan’s Nomadic Kuchi Population