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Rebuilding Ukraine’s Human Capital

Russia’s 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine has severely affected the country’s human capital stock, exacerbating pre-war population decline, skills gaps and labor imbalances. To rebuild communities and bolster domestic resiliency, Ukrainian policymakers and their international…

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Sequencing & Prioritization for Ukraine’s Recovery

When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. Effective reconstruction in Ukraine requires well-sequenced plans that translate to consensus around actionable policies, programs and projects. This analysis harnesses insights from other international recovery contexts…

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Key Issues for Ukraine's Recovery

International experience shows the importance of anticipating issues that can make the difference between successful or failed reconstruction following conflicts and disasters. This brief covers issues that will be critical for Ukraine’s recovery, ranging from…

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State Function: Disaster Resilience
Insight & Analysis: Transformation & Reform
Topic: Economic development, Reform sequencing
Regions: Europe
Location: Ukraine
Designing Reconstruction in Ukraine

Even as the war continues in parts of Ukraine, attention has turned to the anticipation of planning for reconstruction and recovery. This analysis presents a set of key issues and principles that will be central…

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