Market Building

Robust and functioning markets are key for states and their citizens, particularly those in the midst of reform and transition. Market building consists of setting rules for commercial activity, supporting the growth of private business, and intervening during times of crisis. Understanding this framework, expanded market opportunities also allow governments to more effectively spend their resources and leverage capital to deliver on their mandates for sustainable change. ISE’s work focuses on developing the tools and frameworks for building integrated markets and identifying assets to support inclusive growth and development.

EU Accession: Norms and Incentives

The EU accession process has been truly remarkable in its scale and scope. The nature of the changes it has brought about across diverse societies through incentives, normative pressure, conditionality and social learning is unmatched…

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An Agenda for Harnessing Globalization

Globalization offers the tantalizing prospect of limitless wealth creation, and yet billions are currently excluded from participating in its benefits. This paper advocates creating inclusive mechanisms for global prosperity and global stability. It argues that…

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