East Asia & the Pacific

The region of East Asia and the Pacific is home to some of the most historically impressive stories of institution building and economic development. This region is now facing a next generation of challenges and opportunities to support dynamic economies and address the changing demands of citizens. ISE’s experience in East Asia and the Pacific ranges from supporting public financial management in Timor-Leste to leading learning missions to Singapore and studying nationally-led and well-sequenced statebuilding and market building strategies in South Korea. ISE is exploring questions of the new challenges facing many states in the region and seeking to understand how this dynamic region connects to itself.

Singapore: From Third World to First

How did Singapore transform itself from a breakaway island state few considered viable, wracked with ethnic tension, political and economic problems, to a thriving economic hub and global financial center? Which areas of economy and…

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Writing the History of the Future: Securing Stability through Peace Agreements

Peace agreements are a pivotal moment in the transition from long-running conflict to the establishment of a functioning state. Often perceived as offering a clean slate from which to start again, post-conflict conditions often present…

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