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  • State Building in Conflict-Affected & Fragile States: A Comparative Study

    In conflict-affected or fragile states there is often a significant gap between what the state is able to deliver and what the citizens of that state, as well as international partners, expect the state to deliver. This problem stems in part from international partners focusing heavily on what should be delivered and not enough on how best to deliver it in that particular context. To examine this idea further, the g7+ Foundation has commissioned two initial case studies to try and bridge the gap in understanding and to enable governments to see what has and has not worked in comparable countries. These case studies are intended to give governments and their international partners a clearer understanding of how best to achieve meaningful reform in such countries.

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  • State Building in Conflict Affected and Fragile States: A Comparative Study; Technical Working Paper

    This analysis provides a comparison of fiscal performance improvements over time for Afghanistan and Timor-Leste. It reviews changes in the quality of public financial management systems as revealed by Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) assessments, development and fiduciary risk analysis and other indicators, including by looking at the cost effectiveness of aid interventions in.. Read more

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