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Mapping and Targeting Vulnerable Groups for Development and Relief Interventions

Relief and development organizations use various methodologies to map populations, households and individuals that are vulnerable to different shocks – economic and resource shocks, natural disasters and climate change, conflict and violence, health crises and…

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Economic Tools Mapping: Export-Import Bank

This note sets out the role of the United States export-import bank, the official US export credit agency, and explores the significance of its role in filling gaps in international trade finance.

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State Function: Market Engagement
Insight & Analysis: Market Building
Topic: International Trade
Regions: Americas, South & Central Asia
Location: The Americas, United States
Publication Type: Economic Tools
Economic Tools Mapping: Millennium Challenge Corporation

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) aims to deliver assistance to underdeveloped countries with a focus on good policy, country ownership and developmental results. This note describes how MCC forms partnerships with highly underdeveloped countries and…

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