Central & South Asia

COUNTRY: Afghanistan PROJECT: The Afghanistan Project - Supporting Security, Governance, Economic & Civic Transitions WHAT:
  • Advised key leaders across government, military and international organizations on their programs
  • Designed and implemented strategy and programs across security, governance, infrastructure and civic engagement
  • Designed and built the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund budget process and Afghanistan Reconstruction Agency

COUNTRY: Nepal PROJECT: Vision for a New Nepal - Engaging Stakeholders to Form Consensus Around an Institution-Building Agenda WHAT:
  • Worked with the President, political coalition and citizen stakeholders to build a consensus on a policy agenda
  • Designed in-country programs
  • Provided implementation support

COUNTRY: Pakistan PROJECT: Citizen Engagement & Economic Growth - Supporting Citizen & Community Networks WHAT:
  • Working to study, analyze and support large scale community platform present in 30,000 villages
  • Working on power constraints and opportunities
  • Facilitating cross-border and regional relations

COUNTRY: Tajikistan PROJECT: Measuring State Effectiveness - Piloting ISE's Sovereignty Index WHAT:
  • An ISE Center-initiated effort to pilot the Sovereignty Index

COUNTRIES: Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan & China PROJECT: Regional Integration for Stability - Building Vision, Consensus & Implementation Platforms for Regional Integration WHAT:
  • Multi-year initiative to analyze opportunities, and facilitate consensus and implementation platforms for regional integration
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