Research and Development Innovations for Concepts, Policy & Practice

  • Economic Tools Mapping: Homestrings

    The Homestrings investment firm raises equity and debt capital to target emerging and frontier markets. It aims to offer diaspora populations from the developing world access to funds and projects with development potential that were previously only available to institutional investors.  

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  • Economic Tools Mapping: Export-Import Bank

    This note sets out the role of the United States export-import bank, the official US export credit agency, and explores the significance of its role in filling gaps in international trade finance.

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  • Economic Tools Mapping: Development Credit Authority of USAID

    Borrowers in developing countries often have restricted access to capital because risk-averse financial institutions refuse to look beyond their overall country risk profiles.  The Development Credit Authority (DCA) developed by USAID presents an innovative solution. This note describes how the DCA has deployed partial credit guarantees to reduce risk and collateral requirements and thereby stimulate.. Read more

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  • Economic Tools Mapping: Crop Insurance

    Crop insurance programs aim to redistribute risk and reduce agricultural sector volatility, helping to mitigate the many environmental and market risks that impact farmers’ incomes. This note examines the potential benefits of crop insurance programs and assesses their fit within wider risk management strategies for the agricultural sector.

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  • Economic Tools Mapping: Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility

    The Caribbean presents a vulnerable combination of several very small states and a propensity to major natural catastrophes such as hurricanes. This combination spurred the creation of the world’s first multi-country risk pool. The Caribbean catastrophe risk insurance facility (CCRIF) helps governments limit the financial impact of catastrophe. The facility is supported by a technical.. Read more

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