The pace of change in technology in general and the digital world is extraordinary, and with it, citizens’ expectations in their governments are changing. Digital innovation provides both huge opportunities to bridge the “sovereignty gap”, but also numerous challenges. There is an imperative for policy-makers to consider these implications and opportunities for the state, citizens, and markets.

To develop ideas on how leaders can adopt new digital governance and transparency tools, ISE is launching the Digital Discovery Series.

Over the course of the series, we will explore the potentials and strategic possibilities of the following technologies:

  • Blockchain
  • IoT tools / supply chain management
  • Big data
  • Digitalization of government services
  • Geospatial mapping and data-coding
  • Digital skills training

The series will include a focus on a number of questions:

  • What is the core infrastructure needed to succeed in the global digital future?
  • How can technology help governments keep citizen perspectives at the heart of their work?
  • How can citizens leverage digital solutions for governance challenges?
  • How can technology help form more inclusive partnerships for development? How can these partnerships be scaled and networked for greater impact?
  • We live a constantly changing global operating environment. How can we create nimble systems that are resilient and can respond to changing needs?
  • What opportunities do cities in particular present for piloting new technologies?
  • How can states adapt to platforms for service delivery?
  • How can states adapt to keep pace with digital evolution and innovation?
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