• Events

    Facilitating Conversation to Promote Concrete Change
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  • Digital Discovery Series

  • Research and Development

    Innovations for Concepts, Policy & Practice
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  • Country Work

    A New Paradigm for Analyzing & Addressing Country Context
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  • Engage, Educate & Train

    Equipping Current & Future Leaders with Knowledge & Skills for System-Building

    • Skills Development & Training –
      • Supporting leaders and managers through accelerating capacity for analysis, governance and implementation
    • Roundtables, Conferences & Speaker Series –
      • Workshops, brainstorming and meetings to conduct deep dive conversations on a country, region or specific sectors
    • Games & Simulations –
      • Designing and facilitating simulation and gaming

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  • Special Projects

    Bringing Research, Focus & Action to Issues of Our Time

    • The Afghanistan Project –
      • Analysis and support for Afghanistan's development across economic, civic and governance dimensions
    • Asian Economic Integration –
      • Analysis and support for an economic approach to creating peace and stability in South Asia
    • Lessons for MENA –
      • Lessons from regional and country transformations for MENA’s current challenges
    • Reset: The United States / Domestic –
      • Applying our frameworks for accountability and governance at the state and city level
    • Reset: The United States / Global Engagement –
      • Engaging across party lines to explore opportunities for global engagement
    • Women in Leadership: Community Governance, Prevention & Security –
      • Supporting women leaders and managers across government, civic and firm organizations

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  • Fellows

    Building a Community of Practice of Senior & Emerging Leaders
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