• ISE Center's body of work provides a new paradigm for state-building with real impact on the ground.

    Senior Official, United Nations

  • The quality and depth of the Institute's analysis is about the best there is on peace building today.

    Judy Cheng-Hopkins, Assistant Secretary-General for Peacebuilding Support, United Nations Headquarters

  • The ISE Center framework is a unique asset in understanding the key challenges and defining a roadmap for peace building, recovery and state-building. I have used it as the key tool for analysis and strategic planning in a number of countries emerging from conflict.

    Senior Official, The World Bank

  • The benefit of ISE Center to be derived is almost incalculable and deserves significant support at the policy level.

    Eric Rasmussen, Naval Commander, Director Strong Angel III

  • If we had had access to the [ISE Center] framework it would have saved us five years in reconstructing our country.

    Participant, Greentree Conference

  • In the political confusion in Nepal after the overthrow of the royal regime in April 2006, the World Bank turned to [ISE] for their advice. The two-week intensive assessment they conducted in May 2006 was truly an amazing display of intellectual depth, a sweep of historical and global knowledge, penetrating analysis of the complex country situation, and a set of cogent recommendations. Their report has since guided the work of the Ministry of Finance and given the conceptual underpinnings to the World Bank's assistance strategy in Nepal. Furthermore, their findings were presented in words that profoundly resonated with the Nepali leaders and they gave the Nepali people a new language to discuss their own future. This was one of the greatest demonstrations of the power of ideas that I have ever seen.

    Ken Ohashi, World Bank Country Director, Nepal

  • Our opinion is that this effort by Ashraf Ghani and Clare Lockhart may eventually become Nobel-quality work in the systematic, effective and measurable reconstruction of failed states.

    Eric Rasmussen, Naval Commander, Director Strong Angel III

  • [Their] framework for effective state-building has been lauded in the field of post-conflict reconstruction. Whether in the regions of China, India, and Russia where [ISE] worked with the World Bank, or in more recent state building analysis in Lebanon, Sudan, and Nepal, it has helped make the case for effective and stable institutions.

    Hernando de Soto, President of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy and author of "The Mystery of Capital"

  • The visits that [ISE] made to South Sudan to advise senior leaders on the way forward have been illuminating... [ISE] applied their checklist of issues that must be tackled by post conflict governments. They quickly developed a balance sheet of assets and liabilities which they then proceeded to test and refine. A wide variety of topics were addressed in wholly reasonable and knowledgeable ways – in ways so constructive and empowering that I have not witnessed before, or since, in South Sudan.

    Ishac Diwan, World Bank Country Director, Ethiopia and Sudan, 2007

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