To address the challenge of accountability and governance through a system-building approach across governments, markets and people.

Underlying many of today’s challenges is a systemic crisis in accountability and effectiveness of governance. We believe the opportunity lies in creating approaches to equip leaders and managers with the knowledge, skills and tools to create inclusive policies and accountable institutions.

Our years of field work in frontier and emerging countries, leading teams and developing programs at the World Bank, and studying “what works” around the world, led us to discover a set of approaches that work.  Today we are focused on developing and systematizing this know-how to support leaders and organizations at the forefront of policy design and implementation. We aim to make cutting-edge methodologies, tools and rigorous metrics available to the global community, by sharing methods that are less costly yet more impactful than many current approaches.

To develop and refine the know-how and toolsets across:

  • Governments: Realizing Capacity
    To build systems across the levels and functions of government
  • Markets: Building Markets
    To promote growth and opportunity through fostering inclusive markets
  • People: Fostering Inclusion
    To expand the space for civil society and empower citizens


  • We discover and build the know-how and tools to equip citizens, leaders and managers in governments, firms and international organizations to create inclusive, accountable institutions.
  • We create and refine “how-to toolkits” – diagnostic and design tools based on a deep reading of context, governance systems and how change has successfully occurred.
  • We work with our partners to understand country context, and design and implement policies and programs at regional and local levels that are fit for that context.
  • We work to support, train, and educate national leaders and their international counterparts. We engage with media and the public to inform, catalyze and participate in debate on these issues.


  • We focus on engaging, mobilizing and bridging stakeholders across government, business and civil society.
  • We seek to identify and leverage assets that already exist on the ground and analyze where and how expertise from outside actors can best be utilized.
  • We focus on addressing the implementation gap – where few policies are implemented successfully – by designing implementation roadmaps that are well sequenced and tailored to reality.
  • Deeply aware of political factors, we seek to empower political and technical actors to work with and be responsive to the aspirations of their citizens.
  • We seek to anticipate next generation challenges and the cutting-edge solutions needed to address them.


  • To be catalysts for the discovery of solutions
  • To unleash the potential of latent assets
  • To honor the dignity of citizens and societies
  • To engage with respect and humility

We investigate, research, and refine concepts, frameworks, methodologies and publications for the following areas:

  • icon_goverment
    Governance and Public Sector Management
  • icon_market
    Market Engagement
  • icon_humancapital
    Human Capital: Health, Education & Other Social Services
  • icon_infrastructure
    Infrastructure Services
  • icon_security
    Security, Law & Order
  • icon_ruleoflaw
    Rule of Law
  • icon_assetma
    Asset Management: Agriculture, Energy, Mining, Water, Licenses & Tenders
  • icon_disaster
    Disaster Readiness & Response
  • icon_finance
    Public Finance: National Accountability Systems
  • icon_citizen
    Citizen Engagement & Participation
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