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  • National Development Framework for Afghanistan

    This paper focuses on the National Development Framework, explaining how it provides the foundation for a comprehensive national strategy and promotes the national budget as the central instrument of policy. It considers the three main pillars of the Framework strategy: foundations for advancing human capital; building physical infrastructure to stimulate private sector-led growth; and harnessing.. Read more

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  • Nepal: From Politics to Progress

    This paper considers how, at an ‘open moment’ in its history, Nepal might meet the challenge of moving from slogan to implementation. It suggests national programs have a role to play in facilitating this process by supporting government functions. It emphasizes the centrality of economics to a successful transformation and proposes an integrated plan for.. Read more

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  • Nepal: From Stalemate to State-Building

    This paper considers how to resolve Nepalese political stalemate. It argues that progress on constitution-making requires agreement on core constitutional principles to underpin it. It then sets out recommendations to catalyze positive change, overcoming narrow interests to serve a broader agenda.

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  • Nepal: Overcoming Distrust in the Market

    Despite Nepal’s economic potential, disagreement on forming an enabling environment for business is entrenching informal and corrupt rules. This impedes licit businesses, restricting trade and investment. This article proposes how the government should partner with the private sector, which key issues it should focus on and in what sequence. Finally, it sets out preliminary ideas.. Read more

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  • Nepal: The Future in the Present

    This paper explains how unstable dual power sharing defined Nepal’s predicament in May 2006. It explains why resulting structural uncertainty affects stakeholders and threatens further development – or even risks collapse. The paper then explains the range of assets that leadership already possesses and outlines a set of recommendations to capitalize on them in order.. Read more

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  • Preliminary Country Report and Ideas: Liberia

    This paper assesses Liberia’s political and economic process since its civil war ended in 2003, and explains the convergence of factors that subsequently led to an ‘open moment’ with potential for constructive change. It identifies the three key drivers of that change and sets out priority tasks to drive and accelerate the process.

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  • Preparing for a Syrian Transition: Lessons from the Past, Thinking for the Future

    This paper develops scenarios for possible Syrian transitions. It identifies relevant peace building lessons from the past, outlines recommendations for members of the international community and pinpoints issues for articulating and implementing a transitional agenda. Drawing on a range of sources, it then identifies lessons relevant to Syria.

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